record jacket printing and printing resources


Stoughton Printing Co.

Our sister site. A printing company with over 45 years in printing quality Old Style®, direct to board, and custom record jackets.


Printing Industries of America

A national organization dedicated to the American print industry. Printing Industries of America is the largest graphic arts trade association.



Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California (PIASC).


Choose Print

An educational campaign to promote the effectiveness and environmental credentials of print on paper. The Choose Print Campaign also seeks to dispel the popularized belief in that "print kills trees", and that "print is less effective than electronic media". This awareness campaign is sponsored by the PIASC (Printing Industries Association of Southern California).



A renown global manufacturer of professional printing press equipment for prepress, press, and post-press.


The International Printing Museum

A printing museum that is located in Southern California that showcases a variety of historic printing equipment and teaches visitors the history and value of printing.



record pressing


Bill Smith Custom Records, INC.

Quality custom records with a personal touch.


Rainbo Records

Rainbo Records has been pressing vinyl records for over 70 years.


Record Technology, Inc.

A record pressing plant that presses for audiophile, independent, and major record labels from around the world.


Quality Record Pressing

Born out of parent company is Acoustic Sounds, Inc., Quality Record Pressings is a vinyl record pressing plant with an emphasis on quality and innovation.


United Record Pressing

United Record Pressing has been pressing records since 1949 and provides many custom record options.


Erika Records

Erika Records has long been known for their unique and custom records. Including shape and picture records.



pro-vinyl record labels


Drag City Records

A independent record label based in Chicago.


Gilead Media

A record label known for releasing dark & heavy music.


Burger Records

An independent record label and store based in Fullerton, California.


Saddle Creek

Saddle Creek is an independent record label based out of Omaha, NE.


Superior Viaduct

Superior Viaduct is an archival label based out of San Francisco, California.


Kill Rock Stars

An artist-friendly independent record label founded in 1991.


Light In The Attic Records

Independent (reissue) record label dedicated to quality.


Music Matters, Ltd.

An American jazz record label with a reissue series called "Blue Note".


Numero Group

Numero Group is an archival record label that reissues obscure albums and compilations had little commercial success from previous releases.


Rhino Records

A reissue record label associated with Warner Music Group.


Sub Pop Records

Seattle-based record label.


Southern Lord Records

An American heavy metal music label.


Third Man Records

Third Man Records is a record label and store originally founded by Jack White and is located in Nashville, TN. Third Man Records is known for their unique music packaging and promotions.


Warner Music Group

Warner is a global leader over a body of record labels both in and outside of the U.S. Warner's major record labels include Asylum, Atlantic, Cordless, East West, Elektra, Nonesuch, Reprise, Rhino, Roadrunner, Rykodisc, Sire, Warner Bros. and Word.



record blogs, forums, shops & informational sites


7 Inches

A blog on 7 inch records for indie bands of various record labels and side projects. The reviews cover both the A and B sides tracks. Often included are details on the record packaging design and a playable song clip.


Acoustic Sounds

Acoustic Sounds is a store that sells audiophile, high-quality music and stereo equipment.


Amoeba Music

An independent music chain with stores in California.


Analog Planet

A blog on analog music and equipment.


Audio Asylum

An online resource and forum for audio enthusiasts.


Bags Unlimited

An online shop that sells protective bags for collectors of vinyl.


Because Sound Matters

Vinyl record terminology, blog, store with vinyl releases from Warner Brothers, Sire, Nonesuch and Reprise Records. Because Sound Matters places great emphasis on promoting sound quality.


City Hall Records

City Hall Records is an independently owned and operated independent music distribution company based in the U.S.


Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Inc.

Also known as MFSL or MoFi, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab is a re-issue label innovative in producing audiophile recordings.


Music Direct

Music Direct is a store that sells audiophile hardware, analog equipment, turntables, and vinyl records.



Pitchfork is an online music news publication with interviews, reviews, commentary, and "best-of" lists. Pitchfork is primarily centered around covering all types of independent music as well as reissued records releases.



A blog devoted to album cover art and designs.


Record Store Day

Record Store Day is observed on the third Saturday of April. In celebration of Record Store Day, many independently owned record stores hold special events, sell limited edition promotional items, and guest appearances by musical artists.


Tiny Mix Tapes

Tiny Mix Tapes is a music and film internet magazine that features news and reviews.


The Vinyl District

The Vinyl District is a site devoted to covering vinyl and indie record store news and releases.


Vinyl Engine

Vinyl Engine is an informational web resource about turn tables.

A website devoted to vinyl record enthusiasts.


Wikipedia: Album Cover

Additional history and details regarding record jackets.


Wikipedia:Gramophone Record

The history of the record.