Record Jackets come in diffent sizes and paper or cardstocks. read more•••

Note: The inch specification of record packaging refers to the size of the record it will encase, not the actual dimensions of the packaging itself.



Record jackets comes in sizes befitting of 7, 10, or 12 inch (diameter) record discs.



Cardboard, paperboard, game board, clear poly (for clear poly jackets), chipboard, matte, uncoated or coated stock, generic jackets.


Outer Spine

The square edge of a jacket (typically the left side as you face the front). Two sets of scored creases that create a hinge on the interior side of a gatefold. The spine width (the distance between the crease sets) can vary. Label text usually printed with in the confines of the exterior of the outer spine-typically reading from top to bottom.


Inner Fold

A scored crease that creates a hinge within a single sheet.



printing and assembly

Printing methods and techniques for record packaging.

Jacket Printing Methods

Offset or digital printing.


Direct to Board

Refers to jackets that are printed directly onto printing surfaces.


Old Style®

Refers to a type of jacket unique to Stoughton Printing Co. Jacket artwork is printed on a sheet which is then glued (or "tipped-on") onto blank packaging stock.



1, 2, or 3 pockets are standard.


jacket types

There are many types of record jacket packaging designs. These some of the most standard jacket formats. read more•••

Single Jacket

One pocket style, printed front and/or back.


2-Disc Jacket

A single (pocket) jacket that houses two discs in one pocket.


Gatefold Jacket

Folds down to the size of any standard size single record jacket. Printed interior panels. One or two pocket styles. Discs are housed within sleeve pockets located on the outer edges of the gatefold jacket. Other gatefold albums house discs within inner edges of the sleeves. These sleeves pockets are referred to as "wallet-style".


Open Through Jacket (OTJ)

A record jacket with a pocket open through the left and right sides. There can be more than one pocket in an open through jacket.


Trifold Jacket

Houses 1-3 discs, open (open through jacket) or closed end styles, folds down to the size of any standard size single record jacket (5˝, 7˝, 10˝, or 12˝ styles).


Foldover/Convertable Jacket

One sheet, typically paper, folded in half. No pockets {printed direct to paper, single or dual-sided(one or both sides)}, folds down to the size of one standard jacket cover. Houses one record.


Clear Poly Jackets (Mylar Sleeve)

Single pocket with flap (urpressing.com).


M-Pack Gatefold

A gatefold-style jacket that houses multiple tipped-in inner sleeves. Designed for multiple disc sets.


Jacket Flats

A flat printed board with jacket cover art that serves as an in store promotional.




jacket exterior

Packaging acessories for the exterior of the record jacket. read more•••

Slip Cases

A case that houses and protects while showcasing the spines of a set of record jackets.



Stickers that are applied directly to the exterior of music packaging (or its shrink wrap) to announce something about the music or packaging content. They are not a part of the original packaging design scheme, therefore their design "violates" the design that they are adhered to (thus the term violator).


Obi Stips

Obi strips are disposable paper or plastic labels that vertically wrap around the left side of the exterior of music packaging sold in Japan. They serve to inform the buyer about the product in Japanese.


Shrink Wrap

A protective polymer plastic film encasing shrunk down tight over of an object through a heat process.


Record Boxes

Printed wraps (in two parts—lid and base) mounted to micro-chip board or pasted chip board shells, producing authentic "old school" 12˝ record boxes. Houses a set of individual sleeves or record jackets. Some record box styles may be hinged or include platform and pull ribbons for easy removal of the discs or jackets.




custom finishes

The surface finish of the record jacket, exterior or sleeve. read more•••

Applicable for all record packaging elements—jackets, inner sleeves, boxes, etc.



All of the finishes found on record jacket can also be applied to record sleeves.


Some examples of finishes are matte, high gloss UV (ultra violet), aqueous (water-based) gloss coating, and spot varnish finnishes.


Foil Stamping

Metallic foil transferred onto a surface through the use of heat.



A plastic coating applied to printed material. It is used to protect the printing while providing a glossy or matte finish.



The process of creating a raised, three-dimensional design in paper or other materials.


Blind Embossing

Blind embossing is the process of embossing without the use of ink or other applied finishes on the material's surface.



The process of creating an pressed down (indentation), three-dimensional design in paper or other materials.



Custom specialty shapes cut into a sheet of material througth the use of a sharp, metal die. Die cuts make for unique packaging designs.