Record discs come in diffent sizes and weights


7˝, 10˝, and 12˝ Inch are standard.


LP (long play) Record Disc Diameter

10-12 inches.


Disc Center Hole

Measured by diameter.


Small (for all size records): 1/4 inch.


Large (for 7˝ records): 1/2 inch.


UK or Jukebox Center Holes: UK or Jukebox come with a perforated center measuring 1 1/2 inches.Within the center of the perforation is a 1/4 inch hole. Once the hole is punched out, it cannot be replaced except with plastic or metal spindle adapters that are sold separately at record enthusiast shops.


Record Weights

Weights vary.


7˝: 40-50 grams.


10˝: 100 grams.


12˝: 120-200 grams.


180 grams is considered heavy weight. It has become a standard for heavy weight LP records.


Record Materials

Vinyl—from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pellets.


Paper thin, flexible vinyl, laminated paper, or coated card stock for are sometimes used in flexi discs.



Measurements for the entire label in diameter.


7˝, 10˝: 3 5/8 inches.


12˝: 4 inches.


Labels are available in a variety of colors. They are printed with CMYK and/or PMS colors. Labels generally come with small, center spindle hole measuring 1/4 inch in diameter.




color vinyl

Record discs come in many other popular and custom colors other than standard black vinyl read more•••

Color vinyl refers to a full spectrum of colors (other than the standard opaque black) in colors ranging from opaque to clear.


Record discs are pressed from PVC pellets. which allows for custom mixing with other colors to create unique effects.


Colored vinyl traditionally pressed in single, stock or custom mixed color but can also be used in reference to a 2nd or 3rd color or any combination of color mixes.


Specialty Colors

clear/transparent vinyl

Clear or transparent colored vinyl. Also used in the picture disc lamination process.


Metallic Vinyl

Colored vinyl that has a brassy sheen. tiny, irridecescent particles reflect light.


Glow-In-The-Dark Vinyl

Vinyl that glows with the absence of light.


Black Light Vinyl

Vinyl that glows in under a black light bulb.



patterns and effects

Color vinyl that is custom pressed in with an assortment of mixed vinyl colors. No two pressed dics are exactly alike read more•••


Split Color Vinyl (Color Blend Vinyl)
One or more Vinyl colors pressed side by side on a single record. Also used to create color stripes or pinwheel variations.


Marbled Vinyl

Created from a blend of colored vinyl PVC pellets and or record pressing scraps, creating a tie-dye effect. No two marbled pressings are ever the same.


Clear marbled vinyl

Clear/transparent vinyl blended with one or more transparent or opaque colors. Sometimes creating a smoke or haze-like effect.


Splatter Vinyl

One or more PVC pellets are sprinkled over a vinyl background color during pressing to creating a splatter pattern.


Pressed Materials

A variety of non-vinyl materials are sometimes pressed within vinyl during the record pressing process. Most common pressed materials include embedding images for picture discs or glitter but other more unconventional materials include rose petals or fragrance, or even blood, liquid-filled. (inorganic or organic material).


Picture Discs

An image or "slick" embedded and laminated within two slices of clear recorded vinyl.



The printed image content that is embedded within the pressed transparent vinyl to make a "picture disc".



custom shapes

Vinyl records that are pressed into shapes other than the standard disc shape read more•••

Shaped vinyl

Vinyl records pressed/cast/cut into shapes other than the standard disc shape.


Etched Vinyl

Music on one side, laser or hand etched design on the other. The etched image can also be in the grooves of of a record, but it does degrade the pressing quality.


Flexi Disc

Flexible paper thin vinyl with spiral grooves playable on a standard turnable. Used for books and learning materials, musical, political, religious, theatrical promotional materials, or within printed publications such as magazines and zines.


Flexi Postcards (Melody cards)

Printed cardstock postcards with embossed record grooves playable on a standard turntable. Used in mailed correspondences or as greeting cards.