page inserts

Single or multiple bound pages that are place inside of a record box or jacket.


JPage inserts are printed in the standard 2, 4, 8, 12, or 16 formats. Page inserts are saddle stich bound.


Page inserts either come free-floating or are tipped-in (bound to) the interior spine of a gatefold jacket.


Sleeves are used to protect record discs from dirt, dust and scratching. Pertains to poly bags and paper or board inner sleeves. read more•••

Record Sleeves vs. Single record Jackets vs. Outer Sleeves

Printed record inner sleeves (without a circular label cut-out window) are similar to single record jackets with the exception that the record sleeve has no spine and is inserted into the record jacket. Paper single record jackets are refered to as outer sleeves. Non-printed sleeves are known as generic record sleeves.



Typically, sleeves are available conform to 7, 10, 12 inch record sizes.


Sleeve types

Record sleeves come a variety of styles: Circular label window cutout, no cutout, rounded corners (found on dust sleeves), poly-lined, low rise back, and square top (with or without dip) styles.



Record sleeves come are available in various stock and weights of paper (coated or uncoated).


•Plain paper


•Matte or(aqueous) gloss coating


•Card board




•(SBS) paper board


•White dust sleeves


•Poly-lined paper sleeves


•Polybags (shipped with records from pressing plant for jacket insertion)


•Plastic covers/polybags (clear polyethylene sold separately for storage)


•Flexographic printed plastic.


Plain paper/board stock

White, black, black and white, or retro brown colored paperboard is typical.



Direct to board, PMS and/or CMYK custom printing



All of the finishes found on record jacket can also be applied to record sleeves. Some examples of finishes are matte, high gloss UV (ultra violet), aqueous (water-based) gloss coating, and spot varnish finnishes.


Foil Stamping

Metallic foil transferred onto a surface through the use of heat.



A plastic coating applied to printed material. It is used to protect the printing while providing a glossy or matte finish.



The process of creating a raised, three-dimensional design in paper or other materials.


Blind Embossing

When inkless paper or other materials is embossed, it is known as "blind embossing".



The process of creating an pressed down (indenting), design in the surface of paper or other materials.



Custom specialty shapes cut into a sheet of material througth the use of a sharp, metal die. Die cuts make for unique packaging design.


Some records are packaged with unique extras and memorabilia. read more•••


Printed single or double-sided and folded into record record packaging. Standard sizes: 8.5 x 11, 11 x 17, 18 x 24, 24 x 36 inches.



A collectable poster or program from a live performance.


Tipped In Sound Chips

Recorded sound chips (like those found in musical greeting cards) that are tipped into the spine of gatefold jacket and play upon opening the fold.